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Contributor to environmental protection against harmful emission gases from burned fossil fuel, with organic enzymes therein acting as catalyst.It is now a common knowledge, backed by a data issued from academic forums and institutions, that such environmental problems occurring on a global scale to be dealt with as warming, forest-destroying acid rain, harmful gases afflicting humans, etc. are attributed, in large part, to fossil oil burned.

SOLTRON is a bio-engineered liquid fuel-additive designed to meet challenges facing the earth as mentioned above and the component enzymes serve to make fuel in the tank easier and faster to ignite in the engine via accelerated interaction between carbon and oxygen.

SOLPOWER JAPAN CORP. considers it a main pursuit to contribute to enbironmental protection / health maintenance / extended life of equipment / cost efficiency / preservation of resources.

SOLTRON's roles & effects

Its top priority is reducing discharge into atmosphere of exhaust gases in the form of CO,HC,NOx,SOx

Environmental protection(reduction in emission gases)

  1. Lowered level of CO,NOx,SOx,HC in emission
  2. Reduction in acid-rain incidence 3. Improved global environment

Improved maintenance(better fuel-efficiency)

  1. Fuel-efficiencyreduced discharge of black smoke.
  2. Engine&Fueling system cleaned (carbon in combustion chamber, sludge in tank, soot in cylinder/plug/muffler dispersed.)
  3. Corrosion inhibited, vibration reduced&foul odor removed. 4.Operational efficiency of engine/boilor enhancedmaintenance facilitateduseful life extended.

Power-up & Fuel-economy

Dispersal of sludge & soot resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Contribution to environmental protection
Targeted fuel: Heavy oil, Diesel oil,Gasoline & Kerosene
How it works: Organic enzymes as natural catalyst work on component ingedients of fuel to turn the fuel more combustible.

Where to apply:

  • Boiler/furnace at hotel,hospital,school,factory,etc.toward curtailing levels of gas emissions & soot.
  • Boiler/furnace of agricultural vinyl house toward reducing gas/dust emissions.
  • Marine engine toward cutting down exhaust-gas/dust & fuel odor inside the engine room and toward reducing vibration of engine.
  • Diesel/gasoline-driven vihicle toward reducing exhaust emission & engine-vibration,leading to improved mileage.
  • Domestic heating stove toward faster ignition and less foul odor at shutting down, leading to better fuel economy.

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